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Share is a highly respected psychic and teacher, well known for her clear and predictive readings. She was a regular speaker at the Whole Life Expo, and is featured in newspapers, magazines, and on radio and television.

Share is also an ordained minister, holds a Doctorate in Metaphysics and is a Reiki therapist. She maintains offices in both the United States and Austria where she conducts her private practices.

the making of a psychic

Share Starwas, Predictive PsychicFrom the time she was 3 years old, Share was having psychic experiences. Raised part time by her Native American grandparents, she was encouraged to talk about the spirits she encountered and the colors she saw around people. Her grandmother guided her gently along her spiritual path, knowing she had passed on her own psychic gifts to her precocious grandchild. Her grandfather read Tarot cards, but only in secret - a fact Share learned long after his death.

When Share would return from her grandparents' house she would ramble on to her mother all that she was beginning to understand. Her mother, loving but practical, would listen, smile and say something to the effect, "That's nice, now it's time to clean your room." To this day Share is convinced that this is why she is a psychic with a foot on solid ground.

As a young adult, Share knew that she couldn't talk about certain things to just anyone and continued her spiritual quest very privately. Torn between being a free spirit and wanting a normal life, she ultimately married and had the 2 children she had seen in a vision at age 10. She divorced and set about raising her children on her own.

Things, at times, were difficult as she struggled to lead a conventional life. It never occurred to her to be a psychic. It wasn't what she chose, it chose her. A librarian, noticing the books she checked out, took the liberty of handing Share a Tarot deck one day and told her to learn the cards. Share eventually went into the profession kicking and screaming. The cards sat on a shelf for a year before she turned to them as a last resort in a moment of despair.

Her life was changed and has been an adventure ever since. Now Share has been gifted with 3 grandchildren of her own and she is passing on the teachings she was given by her own beloved grandparents. She believes that the answer to all questions is love. She also believes that grandparents are spiritual teachers for their grandchildren and have a responsibility to them. Many professional psychics speak of an unusually close relationship with a grandparent.

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Share is available for lectures, tours, fairs, weddings, classes, and parties. Contact Share for more information!

Renaissance Pleasure Faire, 2015


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